7 Tips On How To Insulate Home Better- A Cozy Place All Year Round

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Did you plan before to reduce heat loss and carbon emissions in coming winters but put it back because of the overall spending? It’s not too late to insulate your home this winter because we have some best options for you from cheap to costly to recommended- We have it all! Among several other choices, double pane windows are more favored and you’ll get an answer unless you keep on reading this blog! Moreover, if you want to compare your choices between the best insulation unit for your modern homes, check out this guide! Let’s keep going!

Cheap And Better Ways To Insulate Your Space

1. Install Sealing Or Weather Strips

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Installing weather strips at your house’s front doors and windows is a cheap solution to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. For the long-lasting seal on swinging doors and window sashes, you may go for compression weather strips. The weather strips shut off draughts by fitting against the edge of a door or window jam. Moreover, foam weather stripping takes less time to install, it only lasts for about a year to three years before it needs to be replaced.

2. Replace All Door Sweeps

An effective way to prevent draughts from an outside entrance is to have a door sweep installed along its length. If you want a perfect fit, measure the length of the door when it’s closed, and then cut the sweep to size. You can choose from brush sweeps, and heavy-duty sweeps. Talk to a professional that specializes in glass and windows to find out what kind will work best in your house.

3. Try Some Foam Tape

For slightly bowed doors and windows, weatherproofing with sticky foam adhesive is an excellent solution. Just snip the tape to size and stick it along the open spots.

4. Cover Windows With An Insulating Film

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During the colder months, window film acts as insulation and looks like saran wrap. After applying the window film, you can prevent draughts by heating the film with a blow dryer.

5. Install Insulating Curtains

Thermal curtains assist keep the heat in during the winter, but they need to be closed for the majority of the day.

6. Renew Old Caulk Around Windows/Doors

You may prevent draughts by recaulking the old caulk around your windows and doors. Caulk the windows shut until spring if you don’t plan on opening them until then, then remove the caulk when the temperature rises.

7. Double Pane Windows – Why Are They Preferred?

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Double pane windows, also called Insulated glass units (IGUs), feature two pieces of glass with a layer of insulating gas or air in between them. What sets them apart is the insulating space between each layer and the extra layer of substance. More protection from the elements is provided by double or triple glazing and having triple or double pane windows helps to keep the elements out of your house.

Reduces Condensation

Do you ever notice water droplets when you peek out your window? The indoor air is warmer than the windows, causing condensation to form. Because of this, condensation forms on the glass. Condensation is less likely to form on an interior window pane because its temperature is more uniform with that of the indoor air. Mold, mildew, and humidity, which thrive in moist environments, are potential health hazards caused by raindrops.

Increases Soundproofing and Prevents Heat-Loss

Double-glazing reduces the amount of heat lost from your home to the chilly outside air with the help of double-glazed windows. Your home will be in a better position to keep the heat it collects from the sun throughout the day and to make your space a comfortable one with neglecting the outside noises.

Enhanced Protection Guaranteed

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Windows with double panes of glass are far more secure than those with a single one. In addition, they are notoriously difficult to open when pressured from the outside. Selecting laminated or toughened glass will also boost safety. The installation of these windows will give you peace of mind that your home will be less vulnerable to intruders.

Lower Monthly Energy Costs

Having double-glazed windows and doors means that the majority of the solar heat your home absorbs during the day will be kept inside where it belongs. Due to the better insulation, you can reduce the number of times each winter that the heating system is used. Having a cooler home in the summer means less time spent running the air conditioner. Consequently, both energy use and cost will be drastically reduced.


Putting in effort and money this year should yield rewards for many years to come. It’s an up-front cost, but in the long run, you’ll save money and feel cozier. So, go for double pane windows to increase your space’s insulation, or simply contact Fab Glass and Mirror for a better solution with top-notch double pane glass windows.