Moving Without Professionals – Pros and Cons


Moving is a remarkable thing to many people. Whether you are moving to a different area or the next apartment, the process is outstanding. Moreover, you can decide to handle the entire process yourself or engage commercial movers.

Hiring a professional moving company is expensive and not worth it to some people. But before you decide to move without professionals, it is important to consider the pros and cons of a DIY move.

Pros of moving without professionals

1. Save money

One of the reasons most people prefer a DIY move is the desire to save money. This is because professionals are considerably expensive. With proper planning and getting help from relatives and friends, you can save on moving costs.


But when comparing professional movers and DIY, you need to consider other expenses such as purchasing packing materials, renting a moving truck, and getting enough people to help you disassemble and lift large furniture.

2. Relocate on your own time

A DIY move means you will have the freedom of moving at your own time. You can decide to move in the morning or the afternoon. Moreover, if an unexpected happens, you can adjust your schedule.

Also, if it is a big move, you can spread it over a few days. This means you can move your furniture pieces on Monday and move the other boxes on Tuesday or Wednesday.

But when it comes to professional moving, everything has to be done on the planned day.

3. You can pack the way you want

When someone hires a full-service professional moving company, it means they will pack and unpack all the items. Since they are experts, they know how to pack and unpack things the right way.

But if it is a DIY move, you can pack the way you want. You do not have to do it systematically. Just throw your items in the boxes, seal them, and load them into the truck.

Cons of moving without professionals

1. It is hard work

Moving the items all by yourself is not an easy task. You need to sort out your belongings and pack everything all by yourself. Moreover, you will have to handle the heavy lifting all by yourself. Without skills and experience, it is hard work.

This is not an easy task. Getting the right packing boxes and packing all the items is one of the hardest parts of moving. Remember to pack the lighter items in the big boxes and heavier items in smaller boxes for easier lifting.

Do not underrate the time and effort you need to get everything out of the house. Remember, you need to navigate doorways, stairs, hallways, and elevators. By the time you are done with everything, you will be so exhausted.

If you hire professional movers and packers from Man and Van Fulham, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a nice margarita, while the professionals take care of everything on your behalf. No breakage, fast turnaround times, and affordability are the key benefits of hiring professionals for moving homes.

2. A DIY move is time-consuming.


Another con of DIY moving is that it is time-consuming. You need to consider how much time you need to get everything done. But when you hire professional movers, they make the work look easy.

Experienced movers have to practice and be trained on how to move small and big houses. Thus, you may see them moving out of your things and think you can handle the process all by yourself. It is not an easy process.

Keep in mind that tasks take a lot of time when not done by an expert. But when specialists are packing, loading, and moving, they handle it professionally. You can be certain your belongings will be well packed and reach your new home in one piece.

3. It is stressful

Planning a move is a stressful experience. From packing to moving, there are so many challenges you have to encounter when you opt for a DIY move. Remember, if something goes wrong, you have no one else to blame but yourself.

But when you engage professionals, they will handle all the tasks. Moreover, if something gets damaged during the process, you will be compensated because the company is insured.

A DIY move is full of surprises.

Another con of not hiring a professional to handle the moving process is getting surprises. For example, the cost of moving may go up unexpectedly. But when you hire a moving company, you will get estimates beforehand.

Even though a DIY move may seem like a less expensive option, you are more likely to incur expenses that you did not account for. Consider expenses like hiring trolleys and padding, the cost of fuel, hiring a truck, and taking time off from work.

4. Risk of damaging your valuable items

With a DIY move, there is the risk of breaking your valuable items or injuring yourself. Since you have no experience, you will not pack the items properly. Thus, they may fall, break, or harm someone.



A DIY move is not a bad one. However, there are many cons associated with the move. You can get injured, incur more costs, or consume more time than anticipated.

But when you engage professionals, you can be certain that the process will be smooth. They will give you estimates to avoid incurring unexpected costs, pack the items properly, and help you pack and unpack.