How to Choose the Right Size and Style for Your Wall Hung Vanity in NZ?

Choosing the right wall-hung vanity is a critical part of any bathroom remodelling or upgrade here in New Zealand. This feature serves not only a function but also plays a significant role in shaping the room’s look and feel.

Knowing how to harmonise these elements is essential for improving both the attractiveness and usefulness of your bathroom. Let’s see how we could do that:

Understanding Your Bathroom Space


Start by measuring your bathroom space, particularly focusing on the location where you intend to place the vanity.

This initial step is crucial to ensure that the vanity not only fits appropriately but allows for easy accessibility and utilisation of the bathroom without creating a cramped environment. The goal here is to enhance the functionality of your bathroom while maintaining a sense of spaciousness.

Consider the users of the bathroom. In a family-oriented bathroom, you may require a wall-hung vanity that accommodates individuals while simultaneously providing storage for everyone’s essentials.

Conversely in a guest bathroom aesthetics may take precedence over storage capacity since it is less frequently used.

The dimensions of the vanity significantly influence the ambience of the bathroom. An oversized wall-hung vanity can make a small restroom feel more confined, whereas an undersized one in a bigger bathroom might appear disproportionate.

The key is to select a size that matches well with your bathroom dimensions, ensuring that everything blends seamlessly for a pleasing and functional space.

Choosing the Right Size Vanity


Selecting the vanity size is not just about ensuring that it fits within your space. It’s also important to find a piece that caters to both the bathroom’s requirements and the individuals using it.

In a family or main bathroom, adequate storage space for toiletries, towels, and everyday essentials is key.

The vanity’s width and depth should allow for use without obstructing access to other parts of the bathroom.

While standard vanities typically range from 600mm to 1200mm in width, exploring custom options is worth considering if your space demands something or if you have needs to address.

Selecting a Vanity Style That Complements Your Bathroom

When you are deciding on the style, consider the vanity as an element that should either blend with or uplift your bathroom’s existing design.

Contemporary vanities are recognised for their linear designs and minimalist appearance making them an ideal match for more modern or uncomplicated bathroom layouts.

They often feature storage solutions and are crafted from materials that can withstand humidity and water well, making them a suitable option for the varied weather conditions in New Zealand.

On the other hand, traditional wall-hung vanities in NZ may showcase intricate designs, detailed woodwork and timeless hardware, adding an element of elegance and warmth that enhances the overall welcoming ambience of the bathroom.

The choice of material is also vital. You can opt for the classic charm of wood or explore engineered options like MDF and particleboard that excel in resisting moisture while offering versatility in finishes and colours to add a personalised touch to your bathroom space.

Practical Advantages of Wall Hung Vanities


Apart from their stylish appearance, wall-hung vanities are known for their space-saving capabilities too. By placing the vanity above the floor, they create the perception of a bigger floor area, making the bathroom seem more spacious than it actually is. This feature is particularly beneficial in bathrooms where using every inch of space is needed.

Another key advantage is the ability to adjust the installation height. This allows users to set the vanity at their level of comfort, improving both convenience and accessibility while enhancing the user experience in the bathroom. Furthermore, the gap beneath the vanity makes cleaning easier, promoting a better hygienic bathroom environment.


Choosing the right wall-mounted vanity for your bathroom involves an approach that combines functionality, with aesthetics. By assessing the dimensions of your bathroom, understanding your needs and exploring styles and materials, you can go for a wall-hung vanity that enhances the beauty of your bathroom while improving its practicality and allure.