4 Digital Tools That Can Help You Sell Homes Faster in 2024

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Real estate business owners have to sell as many homes as they can to stay in business. To do this, they must present the home in an enticing way that captures an audience’s attention and makes an interested buyer more likely to buy the home. Some people also want to see every part of the home and know everything they can about it before approaching a real estate agent. Fortunately, lots of digital tools can help with this process, and we are going to look at some of the most useful ones below.

1. Home Videos

img source: unsplash.com

With the rise of social media platforms with great video features, any real estate business not taking advantage of home video and video tours is missing out. For home videos, you want to create videos that capture the home in the best way possible. You want to show off the home in such a way that those who like what they see can reach out to you.

You can record these home videos and then edit them later, adding additional details and music to make the videos more captivating. If you are selling numerous homes and thus need to create many videos, you will need the right video editing software and a computer that can keep up.

You do not need to learn video editing like you are trying to become an expert, but you should know enough to splice videos together, add voice overs on top of B roll, and so on. For the computer, consider the line of Lenovo Intel Core i9 laptops because they are powerful enough for video editing and much more while remaining portable enough to take with you day to day.

2. Video Tours

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Video tours work similarly to home videos but are typically done live. Video tours do very well because they let the audience ask questions while they watch which can help you start cultivating a relationship with possible buyers. You can also leave them up on different platforms for those who want to view them later and for others to find them later.

Since you do not have the chance to edit these videos before people see them, ensure you are prepared by knowing the home well and anticipating the questions they might ask.

3. Drone Photography

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In addition to videos of the homes’ interiors, also consider using drone photography. Many people like to see how the whole property looks, as well as the surrounding areas. Hiring a drone operator has become more affordable as companies have released better drones with better video quality.

4. 3D Virtual Tours

img source: viz360.com

3D tours give you the option of providing advanced home tours. You can use a 360-degree camera or a smartphone to take pictures of the home from every angle. You can then use software to stitch these images together for a 360-degree view of the home.

Potential buyers can “walk” through the home and view different rooms from all angles.

Technology has made it possible for real estate agents to show their homes to potential buyers without either party being in the house. Buyers can see the whole home, ask questions and seek clarification, and then make an offer based on what they see.