How Often Should Residential Carpets Be Cleaned – 2024 Guide


Carpets are a major component of homes these days and have become a necessity of every living room floor. Therefore, it becomes quite important to clean these carpets from time to time. Cleaning the carpets would give them a new-like feel and make them last longer, thus making your home feel elegant and pristine. However, the frequency, and extent of cleaning depend on the living space and the number of people sharing that space.

Some people try to pull a DIY (do it yourself) when it comes to cleaning a carpet and take advice and help from some random videos found on the internet. This should be avoided, as there is no guarantee that the proportions of chemicals used by them are in the right quantity, and can often lead to ruining the carpets. To avoid such a messy situation, you can try various carpet cleaning services. They are easily accessible on the internet and also provide move out carpet cleaning services. They are trained professionals and know their job very well.

Getting your carpets cleaned is important, whose frequency is subjective and varies from one household to the next. Given below is the 2024 Guide on how often should residential carpets be cleaned:

Low-Traffic Household


A low-traffic household is one that comprises only a couple of people. It is assumed that such houses are generally clean and do not require regular cleaning of the carpets. Simply vacuuming them once a week or even less would ensure the long life of your expensive carpets. Additionally, you can get one deep clean session every 16 to 18 months which would enhance the look and vibes of the material.

High-Traffic Household


High-traffic households generally comprise a few adults living with children and minors. Kids are active all day long and their activities never cease to end. They are more prone to damage the carpet and make them dirty with their games and careless spills. Thus, it is recommended to vacuum clean the carpets of such houses at least once in two days, if not every day. Moreover, you should get the carpets deep cleaned twice a year.

Houses With Pets


The lovely and cute four-pawed pets are adored by all, but they shed hair and fur at alarming rates, and these could get accumulated in your carpets and might go away by simple vacuuming. Thus, along with everyday cleaning and vacuuming, it becomes quite important for pet owners to get their carpets cleaned by professionals every 3 to 6 months.

Some Other Cases

If you or someone in your daily life suffers from any kind of allergy, especially dust and mite allergies, then it is very important for you to take care of your carpets and get them washed every couple of months. This would not allow any dust or mite to settle in them, thus helping you with the allergies.

Lastly, if you have light-colored carpets, then you have to be extra careful and try not to spill anything over the same.


Carpet cleaning should be left to professionals, as carpets are usually carefully chosen to match the aesthetic of the house and even a simple DIY can ruin them.