Residential & Commercial Move: What Is the Difference?


What could be more extreme for a resident of a metropolis than buying or renting a new home? Only commercial moving. Packing and transporting property that has been acquired over many years is not an easy task, especially if you try to solve it on your own. Therefore, movers and packers San Francisco can always come to your aid. To avoid any negativity during the commercial move, the transportation of your belongings should be provided only to professionals.

Residential Moves


Already at the preparatory stage, there is a possibility of encountering difficulties, which lies in the fact that it is trivially unclear where to start. Therefore, the first moving tip will be to do everything gradually. In any case, you will need a few days to carry out residential moving wisely and without stress. The main thing is to take your time and do everything systematically. An equally important aspect of organizing a move to a new apartment is the opportunity to get rid of everything unnecessary.

Once the previous stage is over, it’s time to pack everything you’re going to transport. Only boxes are not enough because you need to arrange the space inside them in such a way that nothing is damaged during transportation. You need to cover the inside of the box with wrapping paper or resort to a more budget option — newspapers. For the boxes in which you plan to transport moving equipment, use foam. And don’t forget the tape.

Commercial moves


Commercial relocation is, first of all, organizational work. The company often has all kinds of objects, the transportation of which requires special knowledge. Moving laboratories, heavy machinery, and sensitive equipment is a complex task. In addition, careful file cataloging may be required. Ultimately, a multi-stakeholder process must be coordinated, and many factors should be taken into account. Even the wrong choice of vehicle can turn a moving day into a disaster.

Before starting the process, decide by whose forces it will be carried out. Choose an independent way of solving the problem or delegate transportation to a moving company that handles it professionally. A significant advantage in favor of the last option is the solution to accompanying problems, which are often offered by organizations engaged in transportation:

  • Selection of transport;
  • Assembling or disassembling pieces of furniture;
  • Direct packaging;
  • Provision of packaging materials.

Commercial removals will take care of all your worries: moving furniture, personal effects, books, works of art, etc. from one apartment to another. Benefits of moving services:

  • Professional packing of things with modern materials using special tools, which guarantees their integrity and safety.
  • All stages of moving things from an apartment to a car and from a car to a new apartment are carried out by our movers with experience, which guarantees delicate handling of your property.
  • The “delicacy” of the move is additionally ensured by the use of a vehicle specially equipped for the transportation of personal items and property.

Commercial relocation has its own characteristics, primarily related to the need to restore the work of an office or store as soon as possible, and even better — to move without interrupting the work process. After all, even small stoppages in work are losses for the business. Before the start of the move, the company’s specialists evaluate the scope of work, features, risks, and difficulties and make a preliminary estimate. Without exaggeration, each business move is special, and only professionals can calculate all the nuances in advance.

Hiring a professional mover to move your business gives you a second pair of eyes. This allows you to move your business around without missing anything. With a commercial carrier, you will have professionals ready to do all the hard work for you. Hiring experienced movers will allow you to get the workforce you need without abandoning your entire staff just to move your business. A commercial mover may notice things like missed cables or small items that you may have forgotten. They can also help when it comes to finding electrical outlets and troubleshooting during a move.