7 Maintenance Tips Can Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Commercial Doors

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Unlike residential doors, commercial doors are used very frequently. They are opened and closed hundreds, maybe even thousands of times per day. With all that usage comes to wear and tear, which inevitably leads to a shortened lifespan.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to give you a few maintenance tips that’ll help you prolong the lifespan of your commercial doors.

1. Oil Up Moving Parts

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Hinges, rollers, springs all other moving parts need to be lubricated regularly. If you don’t ensure that the moving parts of your door are operating smoothly – you can’t expect the doors to function properly.

What’s worse, if you let them dry out and ignore the noise your door’s making – you’re only risking further damage. These repairs don’t come cheap, so don’t ignore this. Lube those moving parts up!

2. Tighten The Bolts

It’s not just moving parts that need maintenance – it’s the fixed ones, too. Make sure you regularly check up on all the bolts to make sure everything stays securely in place. This will be very easy to do. Just do a simple inspection, and if you notice any screws loose – tighten them. Pay special attention to brackets and hinges, as screws around those parts tend to loosen up first.

3. Clean The Tracks

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If you have sliding commercial doors, you’ll probably want to make sure the tracks and rollers are as clean as a whistle. Debris will always find a way into the tracks, and if a small rock or something along those lines gets stuck in there, it can jam up and damage your doors. So, make sure you always keep those clean.

4. Schedule Regular Maintenance

You’ll need to schedule regular inspection and maintenance if you really want to make sure your commercial doors last a long time.

There are a few companies that offer Commercial Door Repair in Melbourne FL. Instead of doing it yourself, you’re much better off hiring one of them to perform professional inspection and maintenance.

They know their job, they won’t miss anything, and your doors will last longer.

5. Check The Weather Seals

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Main commercial doors need to be weatherproof. Wind, rain, snow, and even high heat, will all leave their mark on the weather seals of your commercial doors. Unless you want flooding or snow right at the entrance or drafts of wind gushing in – you’ll keep the seals in perfect condition at all times.

6. Look For Rust

Most modern commercial doors, whether they’re made from metal or not, shouldn’t be prone to rust. However, you never know. Protective coating or seal could disappear over time, and your doors could succumb to corrosion. So, be on the lookout for rust, and if you find it – repair it right away.

7. Repair When Needed

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The last tip we have for you is – don’t ignore problems. Once you stop something off with your doors – fix it. There’s nothing worse than ignoring the problem. That only leads to more problems, and more problems lead to new commercial doors. If you would like to know more about commercial doors in Melbourne check out Larnec Doors and Systems.

That’s an expense you don’t need.


There you have it! Easy, right? With these seven tips, we’re certain you’ll have no problems whatsoever maintaining your commercial doors for years to come.