10 Lawn Care And Maintenance Tips And Basics For New Homeowners

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The home is the most comfortable place for one and all. And, having a pretty lawn or garden around one’s home is nothing less than a blessing straight from the lap of nature. Every person, be it an adult or a youngster at home, sees it differently.

The lawn witnesses the playful effect of the wind and the sun’s wrath, too. So, it becomes important to maintain the same to do justice to its beauty. A landscaper seems to be a good option that has everything to better a lawn.

But, it is not every day that anyone gets their hands on the best one. So, instead of looking here and there, it is better to take some basic steps to care for and maintain the lawn.

10 Reliable Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

As new homeowners, people are extra careful when maintaining the look and cleanliness of the house, especially the garden. Here are 10 reliable ways to do the same.

1. Regular Soil Tests

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Running regular soil tests is one of the major requirements for choosing to go for a healthy garden. It may sound easy but needs some effort and a lot of care. The best way is to use a trowel to check the soil layers. Two-three inches of soil should be dry before watering it to maintain its temperature and moistness. A rich soil content will help maintain its quality for a long time and lead to better produce.

2. Using Seasonal Grasses

There are few chances that new homeowners have a fair idea about the cold and warm-season grasses. So, if anyone wants to have an idea about these grasses, it is better to know the geographical degrees of one’s house. For example, if a person has a house in the midway of any location, a mixture of warm and cool grasses will be the best. Bluegrass is one of the most popular cool-season grass, and Bahia, followed by common Bermuda, can be trusted as the best warm-season grass.

3. Seeding Patterns

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Seeding patterns in the lawn are another important feature. It’s a fair matter of time that ensures proper care and maintenance of the gardens. Picking the right grass to seed it the right way will impact the kind of fruits and veggies, plants, and trees, that the gardens will bear. Also, seeding impacts the harvest or plucking ripe fruits and vegetables when they are fully ready. Thin grass is another issue that can be cured with proper seeding.

4. Keep A Check On The Bare Spots

Bare spots on a pretty garden won’t be a very beautiful sight to watch for anyone. Apart from the visual, it has many bigger problems with the it. They will increase in their size with each passing day. So, please pay attention to it and take important steps to save it. It is a simple task and will be completed quickly. It can happen if anyone has pets around. The pet’s urine contains nitrogen that can create these spots. So, train the pet to use one part of the lawn or create an alternative outside the same.

5. Use Quality Equipment

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An alluring lawn is incomplete without using qualitative equipment to maintain the gist and beauty. As a new homeowner, it is imperative to understand that the lawn needs good equipment to look its best. It is good to use good quality equipment’s like grass trimmers, cutters, and other things like spreaders and fertilizers. Investments in these kinds of equipment will help in better garden maintenance. Always ensure the type of grass on the garden before buying anything to use on it.

6. Don’t Let The Patches Prevail

Patches can be a common sight for reasons like less fertility, excessive heat, more use of fertilizers, and so much more. But, these patches need to be fixed so that they don’t increase and cause further damage. The fall season is the best time to thicken the patches. It will lead to healthy and lush green grass when the spring season knocks on the door.

7. Fence Around The Boundary

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Pretty things catch the eye of stray animals now and then. The best way to save the lawn from such invaders is to build a fence around the lawn. It will save the lawn and also act as a sweet addition that will add to the lawn’s look. Also, the fence can act as excellent support to creepers and climbers. All homeowners can play along the fence to have a greener look. You can contact timberridgefencecompany.com, a trusted fence contractor if you decide to add a fence in your lawn.

8. Using The Mulch

Mulching is an excellent option that enhances the quality of the plants and vegetables that any gardening lover grows on the lawn. Also, it has the added benefit of saving the homeowner from any additional labor costs. It reduces the evaporation degree and even reduces the growth of weeds on plants. Soil quality gets better over time, and the lawn looks perfect.

9. Watering Techniques

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Water is as essential for plants and vegetables as it is for humans. As a new homeowner, watering the lawns is an undeniable pat. But, it is all about watering the lawn at the right time. The best time to water the lawn is in the morning. People can use water pipes, nozzles, sprinklers, and others like watering cans and watering faucets.

If you are watering the lawn, you also need to be careful about the drainage for the same. You do not want standing water to affect your plants and flowers. A great way to maintain proper and effective drainage is to buy stone grates. This helps with drainage of the water and also ensures that your lawn and other open areas of your home look attractive and aesthetic pleasing.

10. Keeping The Weeds Away

Weeds have an interest in the growth of quality products on the lawn. The best way to keep the weeds away is to use a thick layer of mulch or invest in a good-quality fabric. Quality things do not mean spending hefty amounts. Instead, these things are inexpensive and add to the care and maintenance of the garden.


Maintaining a good lawn is not about spending hefty amounts and adding all expensive things. It is all about striking the right set of balances of different things that nature has to offer. An ideal lawn is a home to everything from wet soil to dry sand patches, short creepers to long climbers. Investing the time and effort to maintain will surely reap soothing and beautiful results.