9 Benefits of Using a Murphy Bed in Your Home

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Beds possess a unique ability to infuse a touch of enchantment into the overall design of your home. Traditionally, the bed stands as the focal point of any bedroom, contributing to the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the space.

However, when considering spatial constraints and the desire for a more expansive living area, a Murphy bed emerges as an ingenious solution to optimize space utilization without compromising on style or functionality.

Murphy beds offer aesthetics and functionality rolled into one. And with a Lori mattress, this bed will surely be a scene-stealer! Learn more about their benefits in this article.

Why Choose Murphy Beds

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If you’re still not sold how these kinds of beds give you more space, here are some of their best benefits:

1. Perfect for a guest room

Murphy beds can turn any minimally designed space in your house into a guest room in just a few minutes. You don’t need to buy another bed that you can’t fold right away. With Murphy beds, you can just lay it out in the open whenever you want. Fold it back in when your guests leave and bring back the room to what it was before.

2.  Easy folding

Murphy beds are tucked into the wall’s vertical space. Unlike traditional beds that come along as they are, Murphy beds are installed and pushed on the wall to keep them there when not in use.

There are no complicated steps in folding this kind of bed. Fold it once on the wall, and you’re good to go. There’s no need to drag another bed from one room to another.

3. A customizable piece of furniture

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If you’re an artsy person who wants to give life to blank spaces, then you’re in for a ride!

Murphy beds come as they are—plain and simple plain and simple and in twin and queen sizes. How you customize the bed to your liking is up to you. For DIY enthusiasts, Murphy beds are like a blank canvas. You can apply your own paint and style to the bed in any way you want.

4. Comfortable and durable

Murphy beds can cater to beds that are 11 to 12 inches thick. They’re also cozy and durable, just like the traditional beds you use at home. If you’re worried about breaking the bed with your weight, there’s absolutely no reason for that. Murphy beds are made to last.

5. Provides more floor space

A Murphy bed can give valuable floor space whenever you need one. You can use this hidden bed anytime. Since it can be placed on the wall horizontally or vertically, it won’t take up more space in your little place. You have more floor space to move around and make your home more functional.

6. A desirable feature for rental and selling purposes

Imagine this: you decided to rent or sell your space as an investment or another source of income. One thing that would make your place attractive to a potential tenant is your Murphy bed.

Your tenant or buyer won’t have to worry about buying a separate bed, especially if your place is just small. These space-saving benefits may just be a factor in getting your much-awaited tenant.

7. Compatible with mattresses

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The best mattresses to use with Murphy beds are latex and memory foam. An air mattress, on the other hand, is a preventive measure for pressure injuries. Here’s how these two foam mattresses give you a comfortable sleeping experience:

Latex foams:

  • The open-cell structure releases moisture and hot air from the foam, thus, regulating your body temperature.
  • The foam is made of sap from rubber trees. It’s accompanied by breathable wool and cotton, which makes the whole thing more organic.
  • Latex foam naturally conforms to your body’s structure, which supports your head and spine while you’re sleeping.

Memory foams:

  • These foams are best for catering to all sleeping positions.
  • It’s made of polyurethane foam, which repels mildew, molds, and dust mites.
  • Memory foam is comfortable to lie on with its body-hugging comfort.

8. More storage space

Running short on storage? Murphy bed is the answer! The bottom part of this bed is an extra space for storing papers and other kinds of small and thin stuff. You now have a dedicated space for personal and sentimental items that you need to store.

9. Versatility at its finest

Murphy beds are not just beds—you can use them as sofa beds, too. The simplicity of these beds allows you to sit on them in the absence of a sofa. It’s pretty convenient to use the Murphy bed as a temporary seating as you fill your room with more furniture.

Final Thoughts

The space-saving wall bed that is the Murphy bed is easy to use, versatile, and convenient. You can put your own personal touch on the bed and keep items you want to be kept. It’s an investment that pays off in the long run and puts your needs first with its simple design.

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