Paint Colors That Go With Honey Oak


Color can make or break any space. When it comes to selecting paint colors, the wrong choice can create a home that looks drab and uninviting. But with so many options, choosing the right color for your home can be difficult. Fortunately, Home Advisor has curated a list of paint colors that go with the most popular wood tones.

Today’s article is going to focus on paint colors that go with honey oak, a warm color that looks great in every room of the house. We’ll break down the options and discuss how to get the best possible results.

Honey oak is a popular color for interiors, and one of the most popular colors in HGTV’s popular show “Fixer Upper”! The color is, in our opinion, unquestionably warm, yet still allows for a bit of contrast, making it a great choice for most rooms. While wood is often used in the color, it is by no means the only ingredient. The color is most closely associated with browns, but can also be mixed with yellows, blues, greens, and purples.

Here we share the best paint colors that go with honey oak trim including the perfect wall paint colors that match with floors and cabinets.  Paint-Colors-That-Go-With-Honey-Oak When it comes to knowing which colors are going to pair best with certain wood tones you need to look at the undertones of the colors versus the specific colors. Instead of a blanket statement, green and blue look good with a certain wood.

It’s worth noting that a warm hue with green undertones is the finest choice. Instead of being limited to one base color, this offers up a whole area of colors to choose from.

Paint Colors That Blend Well With Honey Oak Trim

1628711601_587_Paint-Colors-That-Go-With-Honey-Oak There are a few color groups that work well with honey oak trim. When utilizing honey oak trim, stick to a warmer palette of beige and grays for the greatest effects.

The honey oak’s faint orange yellow hue may be readily countered with blues and greens to keep the space from feeling overly heated and stuffy. A warmer beige hue may help to embrace that warmth without overpowering the room.

Red and yellow colors may be utilized, but they should be used sparingly as an accent piece to maintain the emphasis on the wood rather than the walls. If just the trim is painted this color, it may not be as noticeable since the trim is not the main point of the room.

Below, we go through each of these areas in more depth and provide a list of particular paint colors to select from.

Honey Oak Trim Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

While there are many wonderful hues to choose from when using honey oak trim, there are a couple that stand out in particular.

One may lean toward one color choice over another depending on the many kinds of feel wanted for a room, as well as the other things being put in that area.

The suggested colors are shown below; if you like the color but it is a little too light or dark for your liking, you may visit the Sherwin Williams website to discover similar color options that are a bit darker or lighter.



Sherwin Williams paint colors that go well with honey wood trim include:

Sherwin Williams’ Steamed Milk (SW 7554) creates a light, somewhat beige and offwhite look that allows the honey wood to do the majority of the talking in the room. It’s a warm, soft hue that goes nicely with honey wood and whatever accent items you choose.

Sherwin Williams’ Rare Gray (SW 6199) provides a somewhat darker, colder effect while still matching the honey wood trim.


It blends in with the wood and allows you to use a different color as an accent for furniture and accessories in the room. More accent wall color choices for your house may be found here.



The Resolute Color is the finest blue to combine with honey wood trim (SW 6507) This hue is cheerful and inviting in any setting. When looking for a coastal or beachy vibe, this hue pairs well with honey oak.

Sherwin Williams Resolute Blue (SW 6507) is a medium light shade of blue that is vibrant and inviting in any space.

For accessories and furniture, Resolute Blue and honey oak may be mixed with neutrals, deeper blues, and greens.


1628711605_440_Paint-Colors-That-Go-With-Honey-Oak When it comes to greens with honey oak wood, Sherwin Williams Seawashed Green is the finest choice (SW 9034).

Sherwin Williams’ Seawashed Green (SW 9034) is a somewhat subdued green that nevertheless shines through with a light and natural hue.

To achieve an earthy look, this hue and honey oak work well when paired with deeper neutrals for furniture items in any room. When combining this shade of green with honey oak wood trim, plants are a wonderful accent.

Colors That Go Well With Honey Oak on the Walls

1628711606_981_Paint-Colors-That-Go-With-Honey-Oak When it comes to deciding what color to paint a wall with honey oak trim, a floor, or a cabinet, there are a few things to consider first. To begin, consider the following categories:

Neutrals — Choose anything that contrasts with the wood, whether it’s very light or moderately dark.

You should avoid utilizing tans or browns that are the same color as the wood you already have. Warmer grays and greiges, as well as soft beiges and browns, are good neutrals.

Blues – Honey oak accents give off a coastal or beachy vibe, which is just what you want if that’s your goal. Blues may be very faint or a brighter blue in the center area. When utilizing honey oak wood, a deeper navy blue may be a bit too much contrast.

Greens – Almost all of them are on the table when using green as an accent color. Honey oak is a very natural-looking wood, and combining it with any shade of a natural-friendly hue like green will give the room an earthy, natural feel. Here’s where you can learn more about our color palette for green.

Honey Oak Floors: What Colors Should You Use?

1628711607_714_Paint-Colors-That-Go-With-Honey-Oak Red and yellows may be utilized, but they should be used in moderation, as stated above when discussing what colors to select when there is wood trim. This is especially essential when it comes to honey oak flooring, since too many warm hues in a room may be overpowering.

Because the flooring takes up the whole base of the area and the walls take up the remainder, it’s ideal to choose a neutral or a cooler hue on the walls to allow the space to breathe.

Blues and greens may simply be used to contrast the honey oak wood flooring. One of the greatest ways to level out the tones in a space is to use a good neutral with a blue or green accent.

Honey Oak Cabinets: What Colors Should You Use?

1628711607_542_Paint-Colors-That-Go-With-Honey-Oak In contrast to the previously stated flooring, honey oak cabinets eliminates painted space, making a stronger color less overpowering as an accent.

These honey oak cabinets are often seen in kitchens, where they may be combined with the installation of a backsplash, appliances, and other work. More information about kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets may be found here.

If you are using milder finishes on the rest of the equipment, here is where you should use a bright blue or green to make it interesting, or use a deeper neutral and let the accessories do all the talking.

Visit our article on how to match wall color with wood flooring for additional options.

Did you know that the color honey oak goes with almost any color? It really is that versatile. We can take advantage of that fact and use it to paint rooms in the honey oak color scheme.. Read more about paint colors that go with oak trim and let us know what you think.