Why You Need A Plumber For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

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As far as kitchen renovations are concerned, many homeowners are more focused on the results than the process. While you can be tempted to consider doing it yourself, hiring professionals is advisable to ensure everything goes well.

The importance of hiring professionals for your kitchen renovations becomes more crucial when changing the entire layout, especially since your plumbing and power systems are likely to be altered. A slight mistake can cause severe, costly property damage. Here are some reasons to hire professional plumbers if you’re planning a kitchen renovation project.

1. Design Planning

A new kitchen design includes the new location of major appliances such as a dishwasher, refrigerator, and stove. With the help of a professional plumber, you’ll understand the easiness or difficulty of creating an efficient design, especially if the renovations involve removing existing walls to create an open kitchen layout. Unlike when doing it yourself, a trained plumber experienced in remodelling projects will study the existing plumbing and come up with a perfect solution.

2. Garbage Disposal Installation

There might be no perfect time to install garbage disposal than during your kitchen’s major renovation. However, to establish effective garbage disposal, you must hire professional plumbers. Unfortunately, not all plumbers qualify to install a garbage disposal system. Therefore, you need to research reputable plumbing companies with trained and experienced plumbers who can handle such a task.

Even after settling on a particular company, consider checking what clients say about their services. Testimonials like Fergusons Plumbing reviews on Trust Index ensure potential clients understand what to expect from a plumbing supply company before hiring it.

3. They Discover Hidden Plumbing Issues

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Before beginning the remodelling project, a professional plumber checks the state of the existing plumbing. During the examination, they identify hidden or minor plumbing issues that require attention. For example, minor leaks or mold growth behind the walls could go unnoticed until the problem escalates. Fortunately, following a professional plumber’s keenness, these issues are identified early and addressed to prevent severe property damage.

4. Gas Pipe Rerouting

Suppose you’re planning to relocate your kitchen appliances. In that case, both the plumbing and gas lines will be altered. Complete kitchen remodelling might also mean replacing the old gas line to suit the new layout.

Remodelling that involves interfering with a gas line is complicated and dangerous. A minor mistake can cause fire accidents that can be fatal or cause irreversible property damage. Such tasks require a trained professional who can tackle them without risking lives and properties.

5. Perfect Results

Unless you’re qualified to tackle a kitchen renovation, hiring professional plumbers is your best shot at getting the perfect result. Once you hire these experts, you enjoy their planning expertise and understand the possibilities and limitations. Professional plumbers will weigh your options regarding the renovation and find ways to achieve them.

6. They Understand Building Codes

Your current plumbing system is limited to changes it can go through. Therefore, it’s essential to understand your building codes to ensure you stay within the limitations. Unfortunately, not all plumbers understand building code limits. For this reason, hiring professional plumbers who can obtain the required permits and ensure they stick to the building code limit is vital. If you live in an old home, consider taking advantage of your kitchen’s renovations to hire plumbers who can adjust the code limits to the current ones.

7. Stress-Free

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Despite how well they’re planned, home renovations are somehow stressful. Since many homeowners might be too busy to ignore other things to concentrate on the renovations, they get even more stressed. At this point, one is more likely to focus on technical things and forget about aesthetics. As a result, the outcome might not be what you aimed for, causing disappointments. Luckily, with professional plumbers in the picture, there’s no room for stress or disappointment. Most probably, the results will be what you anticipated or even better.

8. Energy And Water Conservation

Older kitchens are more likely to use more energy and water than current ones. Also, old plumbing is prone to regular clogs and leaks. On the other hand, outdated appliances aren’t energy-conserving like current models. If you live in an old home with outdated appliances, you’re likely to feel the pain whenever you receive the utility bill.

Luckily, a professional plumber can examine your kitchen plumbing and determine where water and energy are going to waste. If the pipes are too small, they’ll advise accordingly to ensure your kitchen is as efficient as possible.


There are endless advantages to hiring professional plumbers during a kitchen’s renovations. Professional plumbers will help you design your new layout to ensure the plumbing and appliances are installed perfectly. Considering that they offer high-quality services, they’re also cost-effective.