Decorating With Canvas Prints – 7 Beautiful Ways To Arrange Your Artwork


Many people like artwork placed in art galleries and museums but get different results when they do it at home. It’s not that the value or beauty of the artwork drops but depends more on how it is placed.

Even your own artwork would look exquisite and exemplary if appropriately placed. It is very similar to how flowers are placed at a wedding to add depth and create the required vibe in that area.

Now the thing is, if you aren’t a professional or have any interest in learning how to arrange art pieces, you cannot place them correctly on your own. Here you need detailed information on ways that you can place an artwork according to what suits you best. Read below to find out 7 ways you can place artwork anywhere in your home.

7 Ways To Beautifully Arrange Your Canvas

Properly arranging artwork has equal importance to the beauty of that artwork. If the artwork isn’t placed correctly, a lot of its features and colors aren’t perceived as they should be.

You can find many printing services atlanta for canvases to get your artwork printed, but you need to concentrate on how you will place it. Considering that placing artwork is a professional job, it could be exhausting to learn about it from scratch.

Below are seven simple ways you can place your canvas which will take you through a self-learning journey and a better understanding of placing your artwork.

1. Present The Canvas As A Centerpiece


It is the most widespread and simple method you would find being used everywhere. Presenting your canvas in the middle of a hallway, accent wall, dining room, or any other room would attract the attention of that art piece.

Where one should keep in mind that the canvas should be in the middle of the wall, and the color of the wall and the canvas should be complementary.

If the wall color is white or black, you wouldn’t have to worry about the color is complementary to the painting as they go along with most of the canvases.

2. Customize The Frame Of The Canvas

If the canvas and the background do not have complementary colors matching either of them to the other is a lot more problematic. And in most cases painting the wall can be more costly than you thought.

It is why instead of making significant changes, you can opt for customizing the frame of the canvas such that it would be complementary to both canvas and the wall. It is cost-saving and simpler than changing the interior of your house and can be easily customized again when placing it elsewhere as well.

3. Customize The Surroundings According To The Canvas

To give the canvas a more informal look and concentrate on the appearance of the canvas than just the painting then, you could place some small plants, flowers, or books around it. It is highly beneficial when your artwork has a big canvas, and the artwork itself is light or empty.


If there are no specific points where the eyes wander around when you first look at the canvas, then adding these small additional things beautifies the overall appearance and makes the artwork look more serene.

4. Present Various Canvases Together

It is conducive in galleries when there are lots of artworks that need to be displayed, and there needs to be more space. Even at your home, you can reserve a particular wall for displaying your artwork and present it all together on a shelf or in front of each other.

Every day or week, you could put a different canvas on top of all of them, the one you want to look at or show to others. Doing so allows you to appreciate various artworks and store them in one place.

5. If Canvas Is Small, Place It On Shelves

Small canvases are easily overlooked, no matter how beautiful they look. It is why to present the smaller canvases, so they are adequately appreciated; you need to highlight their features and place them where the eyes can easily look at them.

The size of the canvas is determined by the size of the objects placed near it. The perfect place to place your small canvas would be shelves, whether they are bookshelves or window shelves. As long as the shelf is stable and not far below eye level placing your small canvases in such places is perfect.

6. Hang Artwork Just Above The Sofa Or Bed

When you walk into a particular room, and the painting is far above the sofa or the bed, the interior of the room appears smaller. If the canvas size is large enough to be hung, then it should not be nearer to the room’s ceiling.


In this case, if the painting doesn’t complement the background, your room’s depth and interior would also decrease. It is why to be on the safe side, if the size of the canvas is bigger than half the breadth of the sofa or bed, then you should hang the canvas not far above the headrest.

7. Arrange Complimenting Artworks Together

If the wall is empty or the canvases have complementing frames or artwork, placing them together would add more depth and focus to the painting.

It is also best to brighten up empty walls or add simple features. You don’t need to place other objects around the paintings to make them more presentable. It is beneficial for formal places such as your working or drawing rooms.


Correctly placing the artwork can be a chore if you aren’t gifted with natural creativity. Therefore to enjoy this process along with working hard, you need to work smart and focus more on the basics.

The methods mentioned above for placing your artworks cover many fundamental points you need to remember for placing any artwork. Before starting any placement going through them would help you brush up on your basics and positively intrigue your creativity.