How To Spruce Up Your Holiday Décor: 10 Christmas Light Tips


The procedure of hanging Christmas lights is more complicated than it seems, as anybody who has ever struggled to disentangle a tangled strand or found themselves short of five feet when placing them on the rooftop can be attested to. A satisfactory outcome depends on the fact that you have the correct items on hand and installed correctly.

The 10 Best Christmas Light Tips

This year, allow us to alleviate some of the uncertainty of setting up your Christmas light setup by providing you with recommendations from lighting pros. These ideas will include strategies for concealing wires, the finest lights for holiday light installation, as well as how you can place holiday lights around your house correctly.

1. Wrap Shrubs


A few lights added around the garden might significantly impact the garden’s ability to become a pleasant area to wander through or stare upon. This excellent entry to a garden room can be seen in the gardens surrounding the house. It is created by a pair of pruned bushes wrapped with white lights.

Get some ” net lights,” which consist of bulbs dispersed across rectangular or square cables, and drape them over the exterior bushes to illuminate them uniformly. Please read the label carefully to ensure that you are using netting of a size that will allow it to encircle your bushes completely.

2. Adorn The Front Of Your House With Some Furniture

The house’s front porch appears luxuriously festive without overpowering since it is decorated with garlands and lights and a planter styled like Santa’s boots.

It is possible to go all out with holiday merriment without turning your front yard into Disneyland by focusing decorations on a specific place, for example, a doorway or a flower bed. On the other hand, it may be a terrific idea to go big with the holiday spirit.

Most of the time, gardens during this season are serene and peaceful. However, individual white lights may be wrapped around every branch to bring attention to the deciduous trees’ branching structure. You may highlight a particular tree or spotlight a group to create a more significant effect.

Switching out your traditional Christmas lights with energy-efficient LED tiny lights can help you achieve a more polished appearance while reducing the amount of electricity you use. In addition, LED lights enable you to utilise much more per circuit compared to incandescent lights.

4. Place Luminarias Along The Walking Path

This year, please welcome your visitors by creating an enchanted promenade with light luminarias. You may buy luminarias or construct your own from paper bags, giving some weight to the bottom of the luminarias by adding sand. Gather assistants to insert candles into containers if you plan to have a huge show. Or you can use battery-operated candles the morning before guests arrive.

5. Place Snowflakes On The Wall

Swap out your standard string lights with a pair with snowflakes twinkling instead. A spot immediately below the roof overhang or among the broad tree branches is an excellent place to suspend them so they can be seen clearly.

6. Provide Light To The Containerized Branches

You don’t have any tiny bushes or trees along the roads or entryways that may be wrapped with lights. You might illuminate container plants in their place.

Gather some branches from your garden or a florist’s shop, and then stand them up straight in some pots filled with gravel or sand. You may choose which lights to wrap around the branches, and you can utilise the trimmings of the conifers to conceal wiring and containers.

7. Imbue Snowy Scenes With A Little Magic

The most amazing thing that could happen would be to have lights that twinkle like little stars floating above a garden covered in snow. Likewise, wrapping overhanging branches around walks or flowerbeds to create an illuminated canopy will give the impression that stars are floating above.

8. Illuminate A Treehouse In The Night

Even more enchanted than it already is, this treehouse in the backyard is all decked up for the holiday season. The treehouse, a favourite one for a good reason, was constructed by a couple in Dallas with the assistance of an architect to provide a space for their grandkids to engage in creative play.

9. Bring Attention To A Wreath


Use the fact that your landscape lighting already illuminates a wall for hanging a Christmas decoration if you have this kind of lighting installed. You may wrap string lights around the wreath, as shown or leave it unwrapped. Regardless, the effect is timeless and subtle.

10. Draw A Diagram Of Your House’s Eaves

An attractive entrance is produced by installing perimeter lighting around the roofline and eaves of a house. This design is the most traditional. However, even the most costly LED light sets in box shops could be of better quality. Therefore, if you want to avoid buying new lights every year, the best option is to invest in high-quality commercial LED lighting from a shop specialising in this kind of product.

Although purchasing quality lights may initially cost more, you will save time, money, and irritation since you won’t have to replace them every year. Clips of a commercial grade should be used to connect lights to trim to achieve those straight lines, in which each bulb seems to be precisely positioned next to one that comes after it.

A trained expert should handle the installation of your Christmas lights for several reasons, the most significant of which is probably safety. Consider using a local lighting expert rather than taking the dangers of falling off of a ladder or sliding on an ice roof. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of either of these occurring.

Final Words

At this time of year, we like to decorate everything, from our Christmas tree to our clothing and even the outside of our house, with a shimmering holiday spirit. The addition of string lights provides an air of playfulness that makes everyone feel a little bit sentimental.

There are a lot of ideas for Christmas lights outside that were just shown, but you should pay attention to the possibility of employing lights for inside decoration ideas. Adding lights to Christmas garlands strung over mantels or stair bannisters is a simple process that anybody can do.