How Long Does an Average Home Inspection Take – 2024 Guide


Whether you want to buy or sell a home, it’s a good idea to know what you’re up to. Any problems that the property you are selling or are interested in have, will be revealed here. It’s a team of experts who can’t find anything.

They have their procedures and specialize in giving objective and impartial reports on the condition of real estate.

In addition to what they will pay attention to, a very interesting question is how long the review of this inspection will last. The question was especially important to those who are in a hurry to sell their property. As the experience of inspection in these matters grows from year to year, the duration of the inspection decreases over time.

As instructed by a company doing home Inspection in Dyersville IA, the length of the inspection is affected by many other circumstances in addition to the inspector’s experience. It is clear to everyone that the inspection of the apartment will take much less than the inspection of the house.

In this small 2024 manual, we bring you some of the basic items on which the length of a home inspection may depend.

Factor Number 1: Object Size


This is the first factor that determines the length of the inspection assessment. If it is an apartment, some mediocre square meters for one family, you can expect the inspection to last about an hour and a half. If we are talking about a house, also for one family (2,000-5,000sf), then you can double this time.

That is, the inspection will take about two and a half to three hours to look at your house in detail. Logically, the bigger the house, the longer it will take. So for a house of 7500sf, it takes about 4h.

On average, for every 1500sf it takes an hour. Of course, this is not a rule or a precise assessment, but we are talking roughly. Of course, this time can be shortened if the inspection counts more than one person.

Factor Number 2: Age of The Object


Factor number 1 and factor number 2 are interdependent. Although the house can sometimes be quite small, but also quite old, the inspection can take much longer than the project. Even if the house is renovated and in top condition, if it is 70 years old or more, the inspection will last at least half an hour. The inspection pays attention to everything, even to the materials that were used for repairs and maintenance.

In cases where the house is very old, regardless of its good condition, inspectors can also ask to talk to the owner to know how the house was maintained.

Factor Number 3: Power Facilities


Any auxiliary or additional object on your property will increase the inspection time, no matter how big that object was. Many sellers, wishing to complete the assessment as soon as possible, very often do not report these facilities, but the inspection does not miss anything and will not forgive you.

Swimming pools are also included here. The inspection will be interested in the pool pump, lights, pool cover, so if you count the average time, they can leave the pool for half an hour longer