Increasing the Value of Your Home: The Impact of a Pool Remodel on Your Property Value


In recent times, having a proper curb appeal for a house has become a crucial factor in increasing any home’s current value and resale value. Having a swimming pool automatically significantly impacts a residence’s pricing and increases the curb appeal. The presence of a swimming pool fascinates buyers more often than never, and it is a luxurious addition one can make to their house.

However, even if you have a pool at home, they are often used less than they were anticipated to be while building them. They get damaged and accumulate sludge. However, keeping the pool unattended and poorly maintained will surely decrease the property’s value and affect the curb appeal. Thus it becomes necessary to remodel the pool before resale or keep the residence well-maintained.

How Can Pool Remodeling Be Beneficial for a House


The procedure of pool remodeling may include reconstructing the pool entirely or even just minor alterations to make the pool usable again. A range of modifications might be conducted during the pool remodeling process, which is taken care of by the people assigned to do the job.

Other than just increasing the curb appeal, pool remodeling has other advantages. Some of them have been mentioned below:

Enhances the Safety of the Pools


Algae infestation, bacterial accumulation, and contamination are inevitable if the pools are not maintained. They can cause severe infections and diseases if anyone comes in contact with that sludgy water. Moreover, there are incidents when people fall into new or dried-out pools and hurt themselves immensely. This is even more dangerous if there are children in the household.

When pool renovation is done, the workers create a proper plan and make the alterations to prevent all of the above issues from happening. Sometimes they even install a fence around the area for the kids’ safety so that no wild animal can enter it.

If You Are Not Trying to Resell the House, You Can Again Use It during the Summers

Using the pool should be strictly restricted if there is algae contamination. The water should be kept running to prevent it from becoming green. However, doing the whole cleaning process manually takes a lot of work. Renovating the swimming pools ensure a much more advanced filtration system that regularly flushes out the dirty water. This enhances the overall hygiene of the swimming area and makes the pools suitable for swimming again.

Once the new system has been installed, one can take a dip whenever they want to without being paranoid about contamination and bacterial growth. They can be carefree as the pool would have become much more adaptable.

Remodeling Increases the Privacy of the Swimming Area


Everyone is aware of how much privacy is essential for individuals of this generation. They need some private time and space after a hectic week at work. The pools should be secluded and away from the eyes of the public. Restoration specialists know how to get what their client wants. They can modify the pool area in a way that is privacy-oriented and does not hamper the place’s aesthetic. New landscaping can be done, or new features like a spa or a massage place can be added to make the site even more mesmerizing.

It Becomes a Lot More Energy and Cost Efficient

Innovations in pools made include the removal of solar-powered pumps. As they are powered by sunlight, they are functional throughout the summer. But usually, when winters arrive, they increase energy consumption as they need to put more effort into an operating property.

Thus, when remodeling is done, advanced filtration systems are installed, which saves a lot of energy, and as they work with the power they get from the main wiring of the pool, it even saves a lot of money for the owners. It is beneficial both ways and should be done as early as possible.

Give a New Look to the Pool


Apart from ensuring the advantages mentioned earlier, remodeling also gives the pool a fresher, better, and more attractive look. One might change the mosaic pattern or even the whole shape of the pool. They can also build a celebrity house-inspired pool, and the experts know how to create it even when the clients have a tight budget. As the pool acquires a large area of the residence, having a renovated and beautiful pool is sure to add to the value and curb appeal of the house. New buyers are bound to be amazed and would be more interested in buying the home if they see that the place is well-maintained. And if the sellers are lucky enough, they can even agree to pay a bit more just because a fully functional swimming area is attached to the home.

Enjoy the Luxury of Using the Pool at Night

Even looking at pools with underwater lights and the flowing water looks luxurious. So why not get it at one’s place? The renovators know how to keep their clients satisfied and can make the necessary alterations accordingly. They can make the pool area even more usable at night. This can also be an excellent place to use during parties and gatherings.

Everyone has seen lit-up pools in movies where people relax on a floatie having drinks. This can become a reality with the remodeling process. You can enjoy the dip at night. To make things even better, with the help of new technologies, a heating system can also be attached so that no one catches a cold while swimming at night. Pool remodeling can always go right.


Yes, renovation and remodeling are essential, but so is having a clear idea of their associated costs. Every pool is different and needs different alterations. Thus the expenses are supposed to be different. But if someone wants an estimate, a complete remodeling costs around $10,000. Even this amount will vary according to the changes the client wants to make, and it also depends on the area they are working in. Nonetheless, deciding to have a renovation done will never disappoint anyone and is sure to bring results regarding the value of the place.