What is an Open Neutral Outlet and What is it Used For?

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An open neutral outlet is a device that provides electricity to an electrical circuit. It is used to provide power across the entire range of circuits in a building, or to provide power for appliances not connected directly to the main circuit breaker.

An open neutral outlet is a power outlet that has been wired incorrectly. It can be dangerous if not fixed correctly.


Have you heard of the phrase “open neutral outlet” before? Unless you’re an electrician, there’s a good chance you have no clue what this is or what it does. Don’t feel guilty if this is the case. In fact, unless you know a lot about electricity, you or anybody else should not be messing about with it, which means that unless you’re a qualified electrician, you should leave it to the experts.

What Does It Mean To Have An Open Neutral Outlet?

An open neutral outlet, in its most basic form, is one of two places where separate electrical circuits meet. It affects both the ground and the neutral wire in this instance. This may be located in two places: near the junction box that provides energy to the whole house and at the power company itself. An open neutral outlet may be problematic since it may prohibit some electrical devices from functioning correctly. In the worst-case situation, you might accidentally shock yourself by turning on a light switch that is connected to an impacted outlet. This occurs because the energy has nowhere to go since the neutral outlet is open. As a result, everytime you touch the switch to turn it on or off, it returns to the switch and shocks you.

What if you aren’t even aware that you have one?

If you try to plug anything into an outlet and it doesn’t work, it’s possible that you have an issue with open neutral wiring. Have you ever had a small appliance or string of lights that functioned perfectly when put into one outlet, only to discover that when you moved them to a new place in the home, they no longer worked when plugged into a different outlet? It’s possible that the issue isn’t always with the string of lights or the appliance in question. In reality, there may be a problem with the electrical outlet’s exposed neutral wire. This is most likely the reason if you have anything that works correctly in one outlet but only works sporadically or not at all in another. That specific electrical socket may eventually cease to function. Worse still, the issue may worsen with time, putting you at danger of getting shocked or having the electrical outlet overheat, possibly resulting in a fire.

Identifying the Problem’s Root Cause

How can you tell whether a problem you’re having with an electrical outlet is caused by open neutral wiring? An electrical tester can usually tell you whether you know what you’re doing. It cannot be emphasized, however, that you should not be tampering with electricity in any way unless you are a qualified electrician. If you have a problem with an electrical outlet in your house and aren’t a qualified electrician, the best thing you can do is turn off the breaker to that outlet and immediately contact an electrician. Whether you attempt to test the electrical outlet to determine if you have open neutral wire, you risk injuring yourself. Furthermore, attempting to fix it will just put you in greater danger. It’s just not a smart idea, since it may result in serious physical harm as well as an electrical fire later. That is why it is essential to leave any issues concerning electricity to the experts.

What Is the Purpose of Open Neutral Wiring?

Open neutral wire, believe it or not, is utilized to prevent electrical outlets from overheating. If you have a short in an electrical outlet, even performing something as easy as turning on and off a light switch or putting anything in may cause severe injury. Unplugging an appliance is the same way. It’s also risky to utilize any of these items since they may overheat and cause harm. When there is a problem with the outlet itself, open neutral wiring is utilized to prevent electricity from getting to an object that has been plugged in. Instead of passing through the outlet and going through to an appliance (and perhaps to you), the current strikes the open neutral wire and comes to a halt there. When you’re trying to get anything to work, it may be very irritating, but it’s a safety feature that’s in your best interest. However, it’s important mentioning (again) that light switches may be impacted by these kinds of problems. The light switch will still turn on and off in these situations, but it will also give you a hefty shock every time you touch it.

Outlets of a Different Kind

While we’re on the topic, it’s also worth noting that there are certain outlets that are directly grounded. In other words, since the outlet is linked to electrical ground, you may plug in a device that has a pretty significant electrical drain without worrying about scorching your home’s electrical system. They’re known as GFCI outlets, and they’re often found in most contemporary houses in places where there are many appliances that might cause a normal outlet to overheat, such as the kitchen. They are required to be labeled as such by law. Small appliances should be plugged into these kinds of outlets. If anything goes wrong, instead of stunning you or causing a fire inside your house, the jolt of electricity will travel straight to ground. As you can see, unless you’ve spent a significant amount of your adult life studying electrical wiring, there’s nothing especially simple about it. When everything works correctly, it’s easy to take your home’s electrical system for granted. However, when something isn’t functioning as it should, it’s just as essential to respect and call someone who is qualified to deal with the situation.

The what does open neutral mean on outlet tester is a device that is used to test the electrical current of an outlet. It can be used to find out which outlets are live, or are open-neutral.