5 Possible Reasons Why Your Carpet Is Still Dirty After Cleaning

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When you are done cleaning your carpet, you want to sit relaxed and wait for the fresh fragrance coming out of your carpet. But even after doing such a tough job of cleaning your rugs, sometimes they start looking even more dirty.

What are the possible reasons behind this? Let us check few reasons that explains why your carpet looks worse even after cleaning:

1. Utilizing Too Much Soap:

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Some unprofessional people do not know how much soap or cleansing agents they must use to clean the rugs. Many times, they end up using a lot of it, which is one of the reasons why your carpet appears still dirty. This happens because when you use too much of soap, all the debris or dirt particles get attracted to the soap residue. But when you find Carpet Cleaning Services in Pasadena MD, this mistake won’t take place.

2. Reappearing of Stains:

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Individuals spilling a beverage or food onto a rug is certainly not something new. However, if the stains are not treated immediately after that, the excess stain might return after a rug cleaning. Two things can happen with this: wicking and soiling. Soiling takes place when a buildup stays on your carpet fiber from a rug cleaning. If the spill isn’t totally removed, its residue becomes tacky and draws in dirt to a similar spot. So maybe the initial stain has returned.

3. Worn Pile:

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This could be another reason why your rug doesn’t appear to get perfect in the wake of washing it; If it is old or is used so much by the people of your house, Just like a t-shirt, it can become worn, faded, and frayed. Prior to cleaning, the Worn heap stays down, yet After cleaning, the heaps are pulled back up. Whenever the pile is pulled up, the worn strands become noticeable. A few regions even show that the rug is going bald.

4. DIY Cleaning:

To reduce expenses of deep carpet cleaning, many individuals pick to purchase or lease a machine and start cleaning the rugs themselves. The issue here is that untrained people do not know how much water and cleaning agent they should use to wash the carpet. An untrained individual is almost certain to apply an excessive amount to the rug and when this happens, the carpet looks even worse after cleaning.

5. Not Vacuuming The Carpet Before Cleaning:

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Whenever you think of cleaning your carpet, everything needs to be done step by step. The first step that one must not forget is vacuuming the rug before washing it. Vacuuming will help in cleaning the dust from the carpet. If you do not perform vacuuming before washing, then your rug will appear dirty when the dust gets dried again after the washing.

To Sum Up

Cleaning carpet and making sure that all the dirt and residue is gone is a challenging task to do. However, when you know the right tips, it becomes easier. Study the tips given above to ensure that your carpet shines after cleaning it.