Why Wood Is Still a Popular Choice for Contemporary Interior Design

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Wood has been the material of choice for building homes, especially floors and household installations like furniture, for centuries. The endless use cases of wood in construction are because of its various fascinating properties, such as durability, ease of use, and unique appearance.

Wood is also a natural material, and if sourced certified, especially those cleared by FSC or PEFC for marine lumber export, they come from responsibly managed forests that observe sustainable forest management practices. The use of wood in modern interior design has increased in recent years, thanks to increasing awareness of sustainability and biophilic styles. Below are a few reasons why wood remains a material of choice for contemporary interior designs.

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Modern architects and interior designers are more passionate about using wooden materials in their constructions for various reasons. However, with sustainability becoming more important, interior designers have more reasons to adhere to biophilic design principles in their designs.

Including wooden accents and plants is the easiest way of bringing nature into your living space. However, contemporary designs have favored the use of wood in interiors for various reasons. For starters, wood perfectly complements other interior design materials. Besides, like indoor plants, wood has similar effects of relieving stress and improving physiological health.

In business spaces, 82% of employees exposed to wooden surfaces in their offices said they were satisfied with their work environment. This means wooden interiors and natural elements, such as neutral colors, can possibly improve employee satisfaction and efficiency.

2. Aesthetic Adaptability

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Treated wood is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also be modified to different designs to give your home some warmth, charm, and earthiness. Interior designers use wood to design various household installations, including flooring, cladding, and decking.

If used correctly, wood significantly transforms your simple space into a sanctuary. Wood surfaces can be treated and finished with bold colors to brighten your home’s interior. It can also be sanded to give its original neutral tone.

3. Eco-Friendly in Nature

Most people don’t understand how using wood for interior design finishes is eco-friendly, given they have to cut down trees to create various design elements.

However, while young trees naturally reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, trees that have reached their maturity start decaying, releasing carbon into the environment. Using these trees for furniture helps reduce carbon emissions.

Manufacturing wood for interior design is also easy and inexpensive compared to synthetic materials. Less energy is used during manufacturing, and the finished product has excellent insulating properties, which help reduce energy wastage in your home.

4. Timelessness

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Timelessness is certainly every homeowner’s interior design goal. Unfortunately, not all materials can bring out a timeless appearance. Whether you are designing a sleek modern apartment or a rustic farmhouse, wood brings out the much-needed warmth and character.

Wood also has a rich history that gives your home a sense of tradition. This explains why most interior designers prefer using wood to create welcoming spaces.


Wood is the perfect material for use in flooring, furniture, kitchen cabinets, and other interior decorative accents. It has that stylish and unique touch required to complete modern interior designs. Wood is also durable and very versatile.